We are an active family of 5 with much love for Russian blues .I am Alice Jordon a stay at home mom and former nurse and my husband, Dalison Jordon works for the city. We live on a 10 acre mini-farm and love the lifestyle! We love animals of all kinds but our hearts belong to the Russian Blues. Our first daughter had been longing to have a kitten so we visited a local shelter to adopt a Ragdoll cat and noticed our son was allergic. We did our research and discovered there are cats with lower allergies and among the list was the Russian blue cat due it her Hypoallergenic nature. The personality traits of Russian Blues seemed like a perfect match for our busy family. We were opportune to have our first pet Russian blue kitten Anthon who was adorable. We fell in love with the Russian Blue breed and the rest is history. My husband and I then decided to put up a cattery to share with other families the amazing breed and their unique personality.