Russian Blue Kittens For Sale | TICA/CFA Registered Russian Blue Kittens For Sale

You are welcome to Russian blues home ,we are TICA Registered and well recognized Russian Blue Kitten Breeders, we have been raising registered Russian Blue kittens for sale since 2012. As a family run cattery, we have substantial knowledge and experience in breeding, raising and grooming purebred Russian Blue Kittens for adoption .We provide families with opportunity to own any of our Russian Blue Kittens .As Russian Blue kittens breeder, we keep a high grade of pet care and trained (potty trained)and raise only Pedigree Russian blue kittens for sale .We also make shipping services available to ensure your kitten arrives your location safely with no stress.


The Russian Blue is a gentle and tranquil cat breed. They are known for their friendliness and intelligence and are some what reserved. They will welcome you from the door, follow you around and even ride on your shoulder.
She can entertain herself while home alone but loves to play games of fetch with her loved ones and even toys. You may also find her jumping and climbing so she can observe everything from above. If you need an alarm clock, this feline relies on routine and will wake you each morning so she doesn’t miss breakfast. Thy are tolerant of children, other cat breeds and even other friendly pets. READ MORE…

All our kittens are Vet checked ,spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and potty trained

Are you allergic and has been longing to have a cat? despite your allergies, there are small numbers of Hypoallergenic breeds recognized to produce lower allergies than other cat breeds. The most important among these is the Russian Blue Cat. As one of the few hypoallergenic cat breeds, the Russian Blue is extremely special in terms of behavior, intelligence and habits. When it comes to people with allergies this breed is once again a big winner among our feline friends. Among other cat breeds, the Russian Blue cat is a great choice for cat lovers who have allergies. You can take a glance at our available Russian Blue kittens for sale and contact us if you have intentions to adopt.